Soft Touch Laminated Business Cards


  • Soft Touch Laminated Business Cards
  • Full Color Printing
  • Printing 1 or 2 sides
  • Smooth Soft Matte Finish

Turnaround Time – 5-7 Business Days after OK to Print.


Soft Touch Laminated Business Cards

Soft Touch Laminated Business Cards are gang run printed on a 16pt white coated C2S stock in full color CMYK ink.  Gang run printing allows for low cost printing per set of cards.  It consists of a large parent sheet printed with multiple orders on one sheet and then cut down to each individual order of cards or other print work.

Soft Touch Laminated Business Cards, also called suede business cards, are a premium product with a protective layer of lamination that feels super smooth and soft.  You will receive a premium printed soft touch laminated business card with the lowest prices available.  The soft finish is a thick lamination that prevents moisture from entering the paper stock inside and has a nice matte finish to it as well.  The final card thickness is 19pt.

Printing is in full color on one or two sides.  Sizes range from standard US 2×3.5 and other sizes within the range to choose from.  You can even opt for a square real estate business card.

Edge Painted Business Cards

Edge painted business cards are the most popular options for business cards these days.  The edge which is usually white can not be painted to match or compliment a color printed on your business cards.  You can choose from a large variety of colors in the options dropdown menu with CMYK color formulas.


Business Card Design

When you purchase your cards, you will then need to upload the design files to our website for printing.  If you do not have any design files and need some created, you can add it to your order here.  Once you add the required service and make your purchase, we will need your logo and information to start.  This can be uploaded at the end of the transaction or you can email us the instructions or add it to the comments of your order.

Weight N/A

100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000

Card Size

1.5×3.5 Skinny, 1.75×3.5 Slim, 2.16×3.3 Euro, 2.5×2.5 Square, 2×2 Mini Square, 2×3 Shorty, 2×3.5 Standard

Painted Edges

– NO EDGE PAINT, Army Green – C50 M40 Y85 K15, Black – C0 M0 Y0 K100, Blue – C95 M75 Y20 K5, Bright Blue – C100 M40 Y0 K0, Candy Pink – C1 M35 Y1 K0, Copper Metallic, Dark Green – C75 M45 Y65 K30, Dark Grey – C40 M25 Y35 K5, Dark Orange – C25 M95 Y100 K20, Dark Pink – C10 M90 Y35 K0, Dark Red – C30 M100 Y100 K25, Gold Metallic, Grape Purple – C60 M85 Y0 K0, Grass Green – C100 M0 Y100 K15, Green Apple – C30 M5 Y70 K0, Grey Blue – C60 M40 Y25 K1, Hunter Green – C85 M40 Y10 K40, Light Aqua – C30 M0 Y7 K0, Light Blue – C45 M15 Y0 K0, Light Green – C70 M25 Y80 K0, Light Grey – C0 M0 Y0 K25, Light Pink C0 M36 Y3 K0, Light Yellow – C2 M10 Y60 K0, Lilac – C40 M40 Y0 K0, Lime Green – C50 M0 Y100 K0, Moss Green – C50 M20 Y90 K0, Nickel Semi Metallic, Ocean Blue Green – C90 M40 Y35 K0, Old Copper Metallic, Orange – C0 M65 Y100 K0, Paprika – C25 M100 Y85 K20, Red – C15 M100 Y100 K5, Sage Green – C60 M30 Y65 K5, Sun Yellow – C3 M3 Y100 K0, Wild Blue – C75 M55 Y5 K0


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