Vehicle Window Graphics


Vehicle Window Graphics

  • Printed In Full Color
  • See Through Material
  • 6 Sizes To Choose From

Vehicle Window Graphics

Vehicle Window Graphics are printed in full color on 1 side and are perforated.  The perforation allows you to see through the graphics with very minor distortion of view.  You can order a print that fits within your window or one that is larger than the window in order to install and contour cut with a razor blade so that it covers the entire window area.

Installing Your Window Graphics

The adhesive is meant to be permanent, but can be lifted carefully to reposition.  It’s best to use a felted squeegee for installation to avoid rubbing over or scratching the printed surface.  Can be purchased on Amazon.  The material is prone to tearing if you try to pull it after laying it down.  It’s the same as a perforated card that is meant to be torn away.  You can use a spray bottle with water to help with moving the graphic around on the window.  Spray window before putting on graphic.  Once the water dries, your graphic will remain.

Vehicle Window Graphic Care

Once you have installed your perforated Vehicle Window Graphics, you’ll need to keep it as clean as you can.  Blowing the dust off of it daily is great, but if you have a dust brush, that works too.  Light washing is also ok.  Do not scrub.

The Vehicle Window Graphics are a wear an tear item and will last as long as you take care of them.  Being in the elements daily will give your Vehicle Window Graphics about a 1-2 year life span.

Vehicle Window Graphics Sizes

We have 6 sizes of Vehicle Window Graphics to choose from.  All are meant for mounting on the vehicle rear window.  The FULL size options are meant to over lap the edges for trimming and filling the whole window.  BEFORE ORDERING, measure your vehicles rear window and make sure you order a size larger than your window if you plan to cover it all.  Installation on a scale of 1-10, 10 being most difficult and 1 being easy, it’s a 6.  BUY TWO IN CASE YOU MESS ONE UP, there are no refunds.



Weight N/A
Vehicle Window Graphics Size

24×24, 24×36, Small Car Full Window 36×50, Medium Car Full Window 38×55, Large Car Full Window 40×60, Extra Large Car/SUV Full Window 42×65


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