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From years of professional relationships with 1000’s of real estate agencies all over the US and Canada, we’ve gathered information that was useful in the creation of our newest program.  Tons of agencies all over have a multitude of agents that require marketing and promotional materials to help them sell.  Purchasing these products can be daunting and create anxiety within the office.  Simplifying the process can make the task a simple and easy one.


Full Graphic Design Service

Adding an online print store connection to your existing WordPress website

Today you can choose from so many web platforms and it’s more than likely that you have a wordpress website.  If this is the case, we can easily add a sales channel to your existing wordpress site.  This will allow you to choose the products and options you use specifically for your company and make them available to your agents through your own wordpress website.

Orders are placed on website and securely processed through our backend system.  With the integration, you also get 10% off all your orders.

Price to add sales channel to existing website $199 and $199 per year to maintain.  Total upfront cost $398

Completely new website design.

It’s no secret or surprise that real estate agencies have websites, but we’re pretty sure that they’re not linked to an online print store.  You already may have a website or page, however is it an asset to your company or just an ornament?  It’s common to have a website now and if you don’t have one, you should.  Whether you like it or not, everyone is using the internet for research, purchasing, dating, learning, preaching, selling, you name it.  All in the convenience of their home and as convenient as their smart phone. What we propose is a fully functional and easy to update WordPress website with an online print store channel that your agents can purchase through directly from your website.  No need to leave your website in order to get to  Adding specific product pages to your website will allow agents easy and direct access to products they need. Your website is created using all up to date technology and customized plugins for Real Estate industry requirements.  All included in your initial cost and updates. Included in the starting price is:

  • A Fully Functional and Manageable WordPress Website
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Page and Form
  • Office Location and Map
  • Updatable Property Listings Page
  • Print Store Connection

Prices start at $1999 to create site and $199 per year to maintain plugins and shop links. (blog posts, property posts and other textual updates are not included in cost)

Add An Online Print Store To Your Real Estate WordPress Website.

Never leave your own website to purchase your marketing products.

If you already have a WordPress website, then your website is eligible for a online print store installation

What to expect:

  • We install sales channel to your website
  • We populate website based on your requirement
  • You pay $199 per year
  • We make updates to your online print store

Have A Website In Need Of An Update Or Need A Fresh New Website?

Let us create your new WordPress website today

Our real estate wordpress website package is a tremendous value to your company and agents.  Prices starting at $1999.

Options to add:

  • Site Maintenance (print store included)
  • Plugin Installs
  • Added Site Protection
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Domain Name Acquisition